“Veterinary Medicine:” Does A Medical App Mean That Apple and Sirius XM Are Joining Forces?

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What's this I hear, Uncle Steve?  A partnership between Apple and the leading — er, only — satellite radio provider?  Surely you can't be…ahem…"Sirius?"

"I am serious.  And don't call me Shirley."

We've been talking about Sirius iPhone apps for so long, we're panting like the service's mascot.  But with Sirius XM's annual shareholders meeting literally hours away (Wednesday, May 27), the big news appears to be not just the long-gestating iPhone app for subscribers to receive sat-rad programming, but in fact sat-rad programming that's exclusive to Apple.

Exhibit A: ReachMD Medical Radio, a new, free App Store item that picks up ReachMD's doctor-centric broadcasts from their exclusive XM channel 160.  Which translates to exclusive content for Apple, and their iPhone owners — if just the ones with stethescopes hanging around their necks.

Will the "dogs of radio" take a bite out of the House of Jobs?  Tune in next time, for another thrilling installment of "GeneralHospital.com…"

[Via Seeking Alpha]

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