Virtual Book Burning: Is Apple Planning A Kindle Killer?

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Right now, if you wanna read electronic books, you have two "Amazonian" options: you can either shell out the US$359.00 Amazon wants for their handheld Kindle reader — and deal with a piece of hardware that's frankly still evolving — or, if you already have an iPhone, download the free Kindle app from iTunes, and try to read test on your smart phone's less than generous screen.

Or, if you're the what's-behind-Door-Number-Three type, you can wait for Apple to unveil their own netbook and toast the Kindle for good.

The long-rumored "Mediapad" (think "super iPod Touch") is said to be smaller than the Kindle, but with a larger screen.  Add some decent speakers to it, and you've got a nice handheld movie-viewing solution — something the bookreading-only Kindle can't do.  (Did someone say "one trick pony?")

Before you write the Kindle's obit, though, keep in mind that (a) Amazon's actually sold more than a few Kindles already, and has legitimately jump-started the ebook field, and (b) Apple's device will probably debut with an MSRP much higher than the Kindle's.  Only when the two units are price-comparable will the Apple tablet pose a serious threat to Amazon's reader.

[Via PC World]

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