Apple, Dev-Team In Jailbreaking Cold War

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And you thought the fine art of brinkmanship collapsed with the fall of Soviet Russia…

Our pals at Dev-Team announced that they HAVE the neutron bomb, i.e. they can pwn iPhone 3GS's — but they're not ready to share with the rest of the world:

"We can jailbreak the 3GS right now.  But making our jailbreak public at
this point in time would benefit relatively few people.  It would in
fact be detrimental to many more people than it would help.  So we feel
it’s best to keep our version of the jailbreak out of Apple’s sights
for the time being."

Reason?  There aren't enough 3GS's in the hands of actual users at this point, and by the time upgrades and contract renewals get churned in, Apple will doubtlessly release an upgrade of OS 3.0 — and, equally doubtlessly, fix the bug that ultrasn0w currently exploits to pwn the new iPhones.

Obviously, there are already some brassed-off 3GS users verbally bitch-slapping Dev-Team, but we support their "let's wait a bit and do it RIGHT" philosophy — they haven't let us down yet.

Meanwhile, if you really, truly can't wait to jailbreak that shiny new 3GS, read our previous posts How To Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.0 Using Pwnage Tool 3.0 and How to Unlock iPhone 3G Using ultrasn0w.  Standard caveats (not responsible, park and lock it, etc.) apply.

[Via the Dev-Team blog]

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