Apple WWDC June 2009 Live Updates: 1PM Eastern

Stay tuned for summary updates from Apple WWDC keynote, join us at 1PM Eastern.

We will start updates at 1pm Eastern.
Make sure to refresh this page every so often.
We will post only note worthy updates in a structured and organized manner, this is not gonna be play by play. 

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WWDC Keynote is about to start.

1. Event have started we will post note worthy updates starting now

Some worthy Statistics:

  • OS X  Tripled its number of users since iPhone
  • New batter from Apple can have over 1,000 recharges  
  • New Leopard install process is 45% faster 
  • Snow Leopard Upgrade – $29  
  • more than 50,000 apps in the store 
  • 40 Million devices have been sold with iPhone OS (iPhone, Touches) 
  • More then 30 languages are supported in iPhone 3.0 OS 
  • The iPhone 3.0 SDK brings 1000 new APIs 
  • Oops, more then 3 tech difficulties during keynote 
  • Mobile browser usage – iPhone 65% 

New Product Introductions:

  • New 15 in Mac Book Pro – 7 hr battery with 5 years of service, SD Slot, 3.06 GHz Dual Core 6MB Level 2 Cache up to 8GB RAM, intro price $1699  (I think it is over 300 less then current pricing).   New Mac Book Pros are available today.   
    •  Website is not updated with new model. 
    • FireWire 800 Slot is back, I guess Apple admitted that FireWire standard is not dead. 
  • Mac Boor Air gets HD updates and Price cuts by $700  
  • Leopard is being Introduced : 
    •  Main message – Leopard good Windows 7 is bad (open to opinions)
    • New in Leopard: 
      • Eject Manager 
      • Services Menu 
      • Faster empty trash, icon drawing, cancelation  
      • MS Exchange is supported in Leopard – Mail, iCal, Address Book (no more Entourage at work)
        •  Spotlight Search for Exchange messages – killer feature for me 
        • Address book supports Exchange mail folders 
      • All major system apps will run in 64bit mode 
      • A lot of under the hood changes 
      • Snow Leopard Upgrade – $29 
  • Safari 4 – using it on a daly basis not impressed.     
  • QuickTime 10 (X)  
    •  New Interface 
    • HTTP Streaming 


Everything about iPhone

Get ready for the iPhone Updates 

iPhone 3.0:

  • Cut and Paste across apps
  • Landscape keyboard in email, notes, messages 
  • MMS Support (for ATT subscribers this feature will come later this summer)
  • Search calendars, mail, music, notes vis SpotLight 
  • More iTunes support: rental of movies, shows from iPhone with parental control option
  • Tethering through USB or Bluetooth ( for ATT subscribers this feature will come later this summer)
  • Java Script is faster on iPhone 3.0 
  • Autofill for Browsing app 
  • HTTP Streaming (video, audio) in browser 
  • Find my iPhone App is part of 3.0 - but service is available to Mobile Me customers only
    •  Can send remote wipe command
    • Can make it ring even if on vibrate 
    • Can send a message to it 
    • Can track location  
  •  Magazine type subscription and inside the app transactions (micro transactions)
  •  Ability to build companion accessories  - my bet is the Apple will push medical devices for this
  • Google apps can go into any app with pretty much full functionality 
  • Push Notifications are ready for prime time. 
  • TomTom introduced 1st turn by turn navigation app.  Also, TomTom will sell suction cup/charger accessory.
  • PASCO App allows use of external censors in conjunction with iPhone.
  • zipcar (car borrowing service) is getting its own iPhone app 

iPhone 3.0 will be available world wide on June 17th, free to iPhonce customers and $9.95 for iPod Touch users.

Developers can get their final version of 3.0 today.

It's time for iPhone Hardware Updates, enough of demos  

New iPhone Hardware:

  • New Name: iPhne 3GS, S stands for speed
  • New form factor is almost the same 
  • OpenGL|ES, 7.2 Mbps HSDPA  
  • Camera is upgraded to 3MP autofocus 
  • Auto Macro for new camera 10 cm away, let's hope barcode scanning will be improved by this. 
  • Video Capture - 30fps VGA, stored in photo apps, bring auto focus, auto exposure, auto white balance.   Share videos on Youtube, MMS, Mobile Me
  • Voice Control.  Give voice command to your iPhone: dial things, change songs
  • Digital compass is part of new iPhone's hardware. 
  • Built in Support for Nike, the thing everybody forgot in their iPod Touch.
  • Accessibility Option via voice over of touches 
  • Addition of backup encryption and remote data whipes.  
  • Improvement to battery life 
  • iPhone 3GS 32GB version $299, 16GB Version $199 
  • iPhone 3G 8GB $99 
  • iPhone 3GS June 19th in US 

Things which did not happen:

  • Front facing camera
  • Built in FM Transmitter 
  • Flash Support 
  • Background applications 
  • 3.2MB Pixel Camera 
  • Luminous Apple logo 

Would you switch to new iPhone 3GS?  Let us know in comments below. 

Thanks for reading, check back soon.  

We are working on a big post on effect of these updates on apps for regular and jailbroken iPhones.