AT&T Blogger Guy Clarifies iPhone 3GS Upgrade Eligibility

Be sure to view the above video, as "Seth the blogger guy" from AT&T gives you the straight poop on the iPhone 3GS rollout.  Salient points include:

  • HUGE news on upgrade eligibility.  Basically, if you're eligible for a new phone in July, August or September of this year, you're now eligible starting Friday, June 19.
  • Regarding ordering & arrival dates: if you ordered your phone on, it'll be delivered to your home (or whatever delivery address you specified).  Additionally, if you ordered between June 8th and 13th, it's "likely" to arrive on the official launch date (June 19); orders placed after June 13th should add a week.
  • While MMS functionality is included in the OS 3.0 upgrade, it won't officially be activated until late summer.  However, MMS and text messages will be the same price.
  • AT&T does plan to offer tethering with OS 3.0; no rollout date has been set, but there will probably be a surcharge for the privilege. (we will have a guide how to unable tethering on iPhone 3.0)

Click here and here to view the formal announcements from AT&T.

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