Boob Sim Part2: For those feeling a little…lonely [SFW]

This image described by iPhone apps, fun stuff, paitouch, puniTouch, Paitouch In September of last year, we had a story about paiTouch, a web-based “boob” simulator for the iPhone. If you were worried that this app went away, fear no more, for paiTouch is back as a native iPhone application. The only difference is that the developers changed the name so it can pass through Apple’s screening process – puniTouch. If there’s any Japanese speaking iPhone fans reading this article, please let us know what puni means in the comments. We’re just curious to know.  

We have seen baby shaker apps, thousand dollar apps, and everything else you else you could imagine, so nothing really surprises us anymore. Enjoy the video after the break.

Let’s just say that the “physics” aspect of this app is very interesting.