“Cell-Out:” iPhone 3GS A Pre-Release Smash

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Thought you'd beat the early-adapter rush by pre-ordering your new iPhone 3GS, huh?  Expecting to have the latest and greatest in your hot little hands on release day, right?

Guess again.  Not only are all the pre-sale units sold out, AT&T is now advising retail outlets that pre-orders made on or after June 13 won't ship by the June 13 launch, and will instead reach their destinations 1-2 weeks after launch.

There will be units on hand at Death Star and House of Jobs brick-'n'-mortar outlets on the 19th — but they won't go on sale until 8 AM, and not an hour earlier, despite earlier claims. 

(Don't wanna get up at the crack of dawn?  Best Buy and Wal-Mart will also carry the 3GS's on Day One, albeit during regular store hours.)

While this is good news for AT&T and Apple (who are expecting to break the first-day sales records of the 3G, especially when factoring in pre-orders), it kinda sucks for those who thought they'd beat standing on line on release day.

BTW, Pre ordered  iPhone 3G S started to ship.  Our readers reporting shipment notifications emails from Apple.

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