Charge Account: Pre-Style Wireless Charging Comes To iPhoneLand

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I guess someone figured, if the Palm Pre could steal the iPhone's multiswipe touch interface, the iPhone could steal the Pre's wireless charging technology.

Well, not the House of Jobs proper.  But a company called WildCharge is offering a way to emulate the Pre's Touchstone inductive battery charger.  You buy their WildCharge‚Ñ¢ Pad (US$49.99) and a separate "skin" for your phone (US$39.99); alternately, buy a pad/skin combo for US$79.99.  WildCharge currently offers a skin for the iPod Touch (with the iPhone proper coming in July), as well as inductive solutions for Blackberries, Sony Ericcson phones, Motorola Razr's, and even a couple of generic skins.

Drawbacks?  Well, the skin makes your iPhone look like one of Jacques Cousteau's scuba divers.  (By comparison, the Razr version is a replacement battery door.)  More importantly, the WildCharge's large footprint, lack of magnetic grip, and AC-only configuration make it a far less elegant solution than the Touchstone — not to mention far less practical to install in your BMW.

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