Dev-Team Confirmed Unlock and Jailbreak for 3G with iPhone 3.0 FW

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No fear, if you upgraded your iPhone to 3.0, you will be able to unlock and jailbreak it with the familiar tools from the Dev-Team.

  • Release Date for ultrasn0w – This Friday, June 19th
  • iPhone 3G will be Unlockable no matter what the basedband.  Just use the new version of yellowsn0w – ultrasn0w
  • Jailbreak process will work with the latest version of iTunes 8.2 
    •  Will be released as soon as iPhone 3.0 is out on Wednesday.
  • For iPhone 2.0 Users – you will be able to jailbreak and unlock with no issues.  
  • iPhone 3GS – no information is available at this time  

  See video after the fold.  


demo starts 2 minutes into the video

If you did not get the iPhone 3.0 Golden Master from last week, or you waited for a confirmation of the possibility to jailbreak and most importantly to unlock the iPhone 3G with iPhone 3.0, the video above confirms that the unlock will be available.  Later on the official iPhone 3.0 will be available for download.

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