Dev-Team iPhone 3.0 Jailbreak and Unlock Announcement

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We advised if you like to install iPhone 3.0 Gold Master be mindful of the future unlock for iPhone 3G.   In our, jailbreak information for iPhone 3.0 we said that it is better to wait for Dev Team to have official jailbreak and unlock.  Well …

Dev Team, announced today that jailbreak and unlock on iPhone 3G will not be a problem.  Stay tuned for yellowsn0w unlock demo from Dev Team today.

Phone Type

jailbreak 3.0

unlock 3.0

iPhone 2.0



iPhone 3G



iPhone 3GS




*Unlock via yellowsn0w, demo on June 16, 2009

Note: Read more info on iPhone Unlocking and watch the video 

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Dev-Team Confirmed Unlock and Jailbreak for 3G with iPhone 3.0 FW

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