Hit The ‘Deck! Newest Twitter Client Also Supports Facebook, Is OS 3.0 Ready

This image described by iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone apps, Twitter, Tweetdeck, Facebook, Tweetdeck Desktop Twitter'ers have been (you'll pardon the pun) flocking to TweetDeck as of late.  The Adobe Air-based app — despite still officially in beta testing — lets you easily post and monitor your Twitter and Facebook status updates simultaneously.  Now it's available in an iPhone/iPod Touch flavor, and — provided the recent OS upgrade hasn't bitten you in the butt — brags of OS 3.0 readiness.  Based on our use of the Windoze version, this may be the last Twitter client you ever install.

TweetDeck's column-based interface lets you view your Twitter and Facebook streams side-by-side, as well as direct messages, trending topics (via TwitScoop), and StockTwits.  There's a collection of built-in URL shorteners (tinyurl, bit.ly, Digg, and more), a Grouping function to gather friends into one easy-to-follow list, and the ability to share photos with Twitpic and YFrog.  (However, short video sharing via 12Seconds.tv does not appear to be supported in this release, unlike the desktop flavor…)

"iTweetDeck" promises you can sync your existing TweetDeck columns between your desktop and iPhone.  Another neat iPhone-only feature: your columns can be updated with a shake of the wrist!  Best of all is the price (free), so you risk nothing by trying it out, even if you already have a Twitter client app, or two, or more. 

But if the iPhone implementation is anything like its desktop brethren, you'll gladly hit this 'Deck.

[Available from iTunes]

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