Ka-BONGGGGG! iPhone OS 3.0 Upgrade Clobbering Some Phones

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There's a joke about how you could identify an Old West pioneer: they were the ones with the arrows in their backs.

iPhone users who are galloping off to snag the official OS 3.0 upgrade are feeling a bit pioneerish today: the update is making their iPhone 3Gs "branch to Fishkill" where the activation process won't complete.  iTunes spits out the above error message, your phone's locked to everything except emergency calls, and you're SOL.  See possible solution after the fold.

One online tipster found a solution for Windows/IE users:

"The fix is to go into Internet Explorer, go to advanced options, scroll
down to security and UNCHECK 'Check for server certificate revocation'.
Restart iTunes and close IE and you should be fine. My iPhone was stuck
on the connect to iTunes screen for forever. After changing that
option, I was able to finish the installation and the iPhone rebooted
itself and displayed the activation pop-up or whatever you want to call

Our advice?  You may be better off waiting a bit to upgrade, since the activation servers are acting up.  Pioneers and arrows, y'know. Or you should have installed iPhone 3.0 Golden Master a week ago.

thanks Jane, George for tips

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