Mobile Gmail Archives With A Swipe Of The Finger

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The code wizards at Google are more than happy to offer helpful tips to users of their smart phone apps and OS.

Over on the official Google Mobile blog, they're kicking things off with the first of a new series called "The Iterative Web App," which — along with a total redesign of the underlying code — allows Google to rapidly roll out new and requested features.

Take, for example, this nifty message-archiving tweak to Gmail Mobile.  By swiping your finger across a message in either direction, a large red "Archive" button appears.  Swipe, push, pack it away.  Very neat.  (Unfortunately, this only works on the iPhone flavor, which doesn't sit very well with the Androidists out there…)

Lots of people are of the opinion that phone webapps are dead, but we definitely like what Google is doing.

[Via Google Mobile Blog]

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