Palm Pre Tethering Goes Underground

This image described by tethering, Palm, palm pre, Sprint, Pre, Palm-pre Turning your Pre into a flashlight?  OK!

Tethering it to your PC?  No way, Jose…

That's the message the hackers at the Pre Dev Wiki found out the hard way, after Palm "politely" informed them that any Internet tethering discussions might incur the ire of their Sprint overlords.

Palm itself expresses no opinion, yea or nay, on the topic — and in fact, didn't say squat about any other Pre hacks extent — but cautioned PDW they'd be forced to take legal action if Sprint actually complained. As of right now, Sprint doesn't expressly prohibit tethering, but make no official provisions for it under their Terms of Service, even on their US$99.00/month "everything" plan.

PDW's attitude is "Well, maybe they should offer it."

And while they're no longer publicly supporting tethering discussions, that doesn't mean the topic will go away any time soon.

[Full article at Pre Dev Wiki]

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