Palm Pre WebOS Leak Leads to Awesome Apps Like Doom

This image described by palm pre, pre hacking, mojo sdk, pre doom, Pre_doom The Palm Pre's Mojo SDK is faulty in the sense that it fails to give developers complete access to the operating system (which obviously limits their capabilities.) Fortunately for Palm Pre users, the full WebOS was leaked, and now developers can (in a hacking sort of way) make even better apps for the Pre. As evidence, check out the new accelerometer controlled Doom running on the Palm Pre. Video after the jump. 

Last weeks leak of the full WebOS root image, gave hackers, developers, and Palm Pre fans access to previously hidden information that allows them to take Pre-developing to the next level. One of these hackers, someone by the name of Sargun, wrote the following in his blog:

Doom hack. I’ve gotten PRDoom running on the device. PRDoom is an open source doom clone that uses SDL for its rendering backend. The Palm Pre’s GUI, Luna, utilizes a framebuffer. The SDL backend we used was directfb.

The Palm Pre’s rootfs, based on openembedded, had directfb, but the openembedded repositories did not have any versions of SDL which linked against the directfb provided by palm. The other option was to use fbdev, but I couldn’t get it working, so I moved on quickly. In order to control the rootfs, and libraries, I built a debian rootfs using debootstrap, and was able to install many components not available via ipkg.

Getting directfb working was actually fairly trivial, because palm uses it for their testing. The /etc/event.d/LunaSysMgr file, it had the line: exec /var/mft/usr/bin/ted -m –dfb:no-vt –dfb:no-cursor –dfb:bg-color=00000000 –dfb:pixelformat=ARGB. I was able to dervice the directfb options from there.

Here's a video of Doom in action: 

Can't wait to see what else developers come up with now that they are no longer held back by the limitations of the MojoSDK. 

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