Repeat After Me: AT&T’s 3G Home Repeater Up To Six Months Away

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AT&T have a technology waiting in the wings that promises to improve in-home 3g reception.  The only question is how long it's gonna wait in said wings…

The 3G MicroCell, a home-based femtocell (repeater), works the same way as WiFi repeaters: it retransmits and strengthens a cell signal, which is especially useful in a house or building where wireless signals normally have trouble penetrating.

The Death Star has been quietly testing the Cisco-built technology in reportedly 200 trial homes since April.  Many other countries around the globe have already offered up their own femto solutions.  Now, AT&T promises the MicroCell to be "on track for a full national launch by the end of 2009."

Obviously, that doesn't help the folks who have to go outside to get a phone connection, but it's still something to look forward to…

[Via Engadget and Unstrung]

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