Some Real Proof of a New iPhone Model

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According to AppleInsider, this photo is an inventory list from European iPhone reseller Carphone Warehouse. As you can see, in addition to the regular Apple iPhone, and Apple iPhone 3G, there are 4 new things on the list. 
  • Apple iPhone 16GbV3 Black
  • Apple iPhone 16GbV3 White 
  • Apple iPhone 32GbV3 Black 
  • Apple iPhone 32GbV3 White 

Keep in mind that a company's inventory list can be edited by any employee with access to it, so this photo could have been intentionally doctored by an iPhone loving Carphone Warehouse employee with the drive to start new rumors. However, if it's real (which is a 50% chance), then it's a powerful rumor. This photo, along with the Best Buy story and Mossberg's hint lead us to believe that the chances of a new iPhone announcement are very high.   

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