Windows Marketplace: It’s No iTunes, But It’s No Palm App Catalog Neither

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Old Mother Hubbard went to Windows Marketplace, to get her poor WinMobile phone an app — but at least when she got there, the cupboards were NOT bare.

That's the message coming from, of all places, Microsoft France, where product manager for Windows Mobile Audrey Zolghadr that Redmond's answer to the App Store/App World/App Etc. would have at least 600 apps certified and available when the service launches.

While this seems like chump change compared to the mighty iTunes (how many bazillion apps you got so far, Uncle Steve?), it's about on a par with the Blackberry App World — and still light years ahead of Palm's App Catalog.

Zolghadr is also quick to point out that the 600 app quote is a subset of some 20,000 WinMo apps actually out there.  (We'd like to see a list.)  No word on when the Marketplace will be open for business, but a fall announcement of some kind is hinted at.

[Via Engadget and MobiFrance (English translation)]

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