Apple Tablet Will Run iPhone OS, Be Out By Christmas…Claim Rumors

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According to some rumors circulating the internet (aka The Financial Times article), Apple is dying to release the so called Apple Tablet just in time for the holiday season (contrary to the previous rumors, which claimed 2010 to be the target release time). 

The Apple Tablet will allegedly be 3G enabled and 10 inches in size. Furthermore, we have rumors pointing toward the price of the Apple Tablet being somewhere in the range of $800…or more accurately, pricier than the iPhone [$600] but less than a Macbook [$1,000].

In addition to the rumors originating from the Financial Times, a Taiwanese paper called Apple Daily reported that the Apple Tablet is being built by Foxconn, who is using 10" screens from WinTek and battery from Dynapack. The Taiwanese paper also claims that the device will be available in the fall of 2009. Other credible sources, such as Apple Insider, still state that they believe the device will be out only in 2010.

The most exciting rumor, however, is that the Apple tablet will be able to run the iPhone OS. You see, netbooks are a joke. There is no purpose to buying a laptop look-a-like that simply lacks the hardware necessary to function like a regular laptop. Not sure what a netbook is? Take a look at this picture taken from

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Apple, however, is smart enough not to dump loads of money into a failed device (a netbook). That's why they realized that the key to a successful device is giving it the ability to run the iPhone OS. With access to the app store and iTunes, the Apple Tablet has some great potential. It won't just be another failed netbook. 

Apparently, the device will also have access to an Apple Tablet specific "book marketplace" (goodbye, Kindle). The FT article also points out that Apple is working with EMI, SonyMusic, Warner Music, and Universal Music Group on a project called "Cocktail". The goal of this project is to create interactive content for Tablet owners that comes included with a full music album purchase from iTunes. In other words, Apple (and music companies) want customers to purchase full albums rather than individual tracks. They believe interactive content is the key. 

Remember, even credible rumors are still rumors. And although it's been proven that many Apple rumors as detailed as this are often correct, nothing is known yet about the Apple Tablet. But let's hope the rumors don't fail us. 

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