Barnes & Noble To Offer Free Wi-Fi In Stores — With A Catch

This image described by AT&T, iPhone, iPhone news, Wi-Fi, Barnes & Noble, Barnes_and_noble_logo I can see the ads now:  "Do you have free Wi-Fi in this store?"  "Sorry.  Have you tried Barnes & Noble?"  "Barnes & Noble!  Of course!  Of course…"

The still-standing brick 'n' mortar bookseller has announced plans to offer free Wi-Fi service in their stores nationwide — influenced, perhaps, by a similar announcement from Starbucks.  But like the coffee vendor, there's a gotcha to the offer: it's "free" only if you're already an AT&T subscriber — and by extension, an iPhone user.

Thanks, but I'll Wi-Fi at my nearest Panera or Dunkin Donuts; if nothing else, the coffee's a helluva lot better.

[Via Hot Hardware]

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