Dev-Team: Ultrasn0w WILL Unlock The iPhone 3GS, And Here is How

iPhone 3GS Unlock Demonstration from planetbeing on Vimeo.

Perhaps stung by the recent release of 3GS jailbreaking tool Purplera1n — and the accompanying "get off your butts" challenge from its creator — the Dev-Team have released the above video demonstrating that their ultransn0w program will, in fact, unlock a 3GS as well.  The only real caveat is that the jailbreak will fail if you've upgraded to OS 3.1 using the official Apple IPSW, which updates the baseband.

It's still not known what the exact relationship is between the Dev-Team and "George Hotz" (Purplera1n's creator): Former cohorts?  Pure competitors?  Whatever it is, one comment on the Dev-Team's post really puts the whole brouhaha in perspective:

Everyone is getting worked up about a jailbreak for a phone.
A small piece of metal and plastic.
This is an absolute waste of time trying to fuss and whine at eachother about getting some extra features or an unlock.
outside and swim or record people swimming with the new video camera
just do something and don't waste you lives in front of this screen
It'll get here when it gets here or you can just use the rain method. I've used it and it works just fine.
Please people this is nuts get out of the house and enjoy your lives.

[Via the Dev-Team blog]

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