Hooray For Hollywood? Zgrip Is A Pricey iPhone Video Stabilizer

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Okay, it's nice that the iPhone 3GS includes the ability to shoot/edit video — but does anyone think said video-taking should be taken seriously?

Zacuto does.  The company, which offers a variety of grips, stabilizers, and accessories for digital SLR's and the ultra-high-def Red video camera, now offers the Zgrip iPhone Pro handheld stabilizers for you budding "iSpielberg's."  Here's a video clip of the gizmo in action:

ZGrip iPhone from Steve Weiss, Zacuto USA on Vimeo.

Zaguto stuff tends to be pricey (this rig, for DSLR's that record high-def video, is an ouch-worthy US$5,239.25!), and at US$295.00, the ZGrip costs as much (if not more) as the damn phone itself.  And for what?  A handle and a clamp, basically.  Considering how many homebrew/bargain alternatives to the official/expensive Steadicam amateur videographers have cobbled together, it shouldn't be long before someone equally creative home-brews their own "budget Zgrip."

Or they could just save their money and buy a REAL camcorder and stabilizer.  Like this one

Or get gorrilapod for $30 and shoot videos like these (see below)

[Zgrip product info]

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