How To Actually Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life (Applicable of iPod Touch Battery Life)

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Every iPhone user has noticed that the new firmware drains the iPhone battery much quicker than previous firmware versions…which makes sense, considering all that the 3.0 firmware is capable of. There’s a ton of tips out there that claim to help increase the iPhone’s battery life. While they all sure do help a little, they aren’t all quite necessary. Take a look at these common iPhone battery saving tips, and then we’ll discuss what you should actually do to keep your battery alive:

13 Unrealistic Steps to Saving Battery Life:

1. Minimize use of location services

Since this requires the use of GPS, using location services sucks more energy from your battery. Use it only when really necessary (that means don’t go on Maps just because you’re bored).

2. Turn off Push Notifications and Push Mail

Although that defies the whole point of having Push, if you’re certain you don’t need it, turn it off. If you have a Push email account set up, turning the push off temporarily will save some battery.

3. Fetch new data less frequently 

Your iPhone expends battery life by automatically leaving “sleep” mode and going to look for new emails. Rather than having it set to “Every 15 minutes”, go in and set it to “Manually” or “Hourly”, since that’ll be easier on your battery.

4. Turn off WiFi

Both WiFi and “seeking” new WiFi connections drain battery power. Turn them off when not in need of high speed internet.

5. Turn down screen brightness 

When you’re in battery life saver mode, turn the brightness all the way down. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that more brightness = more power consumed.

6. Turn off 3G

If you’re really low on battery, and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the phone alive for emergency situations, then go and turn off 3G. Hey, EDGE sucks, but it still works.

7. Turn off EQ

Applying EQ settings to your iPod apparently drains extra battery. If you’re planning on keeping your phone alive all day, turn the EQ settings off.

8. Set Auto-Lock to 1 Minute

When you’re not using your phone, lock it. And just in case, put your iPhone to the shortest possible auto-lock setting so that it locks automatically (and quickly) when you aren’t active.

9. Turn Off Vibrate in Games

A lot of games have very frequent vibrations, which drain battery life. If you can, turn them off in the game’s settings.

10. Don’t download from iTunes or App Store wirelessly

Downloading apps and media is hard on the battery. Just wait until you get home and use your computer.

11. Use graphically detailed apps less frequently

Games like Need For Speed drain the battery extremely rapidly, so use them sparingly.

12. Stay updated with the latest firmware

Apple’s minor firmware updates frequently introduce some new methods of functionality which are better on battery life.

13. Don’t use bluetooth

Bluetooth, whether you’re using it to connect to a wireless headset or some A2DP device, is terrible if you want to keep your iPhone alive and breathing for more than a couple hours.

Again, of course these tips do indeed all increase battery life, but if you implement them all, you’ll no longer be using a smart phone. You might as well be using a phone from 1985 that cost $6.00 instead of all the iPhone which your dishing out major bucks for.

This image described by iPhone 3GS, iphone tips and tricks, iphone battery, battery life, iphone 3.0, battery lifespan, ipod touch battery life, ipod touch battery, Oldphone

In other words, by turning off all the features, you’re no longer getting your moneys worth. But at the same time, you don’t want your battery to do early. So, what do you do? Well, we found a happy compromise in the middle.

5 Realistic Steps to Save Battery Life

1. Turn down your screen brightness

Most people keep the brightness all the way up because they think it makes their phones look better. Turn it down half way.

2. Fetch new data less frequently

Most of the day, you don’t need to fetch every 15 minutes. Set it to an hour or manual.

3. Get a car charger

You can find a car charger for $20, and it’ll be the best $20 you’ve ever spent. Whenever I’m driving anywhere, I’ve gotten into the habit of always plugging my iPhone in. I never get a dead battery. Ever.

4. Get an external battery pack

External battery packs are charged separately and plugged into your iPhone when it needs an extra boost. If you’re a person that relies heavily on the iPhone, then it’s certainly a good investment. For $60 you can get an excellent external battery pack. Go here for a list of external battery packs for the iPhone.

5. Use your discretion

You understand what’s bad for battery life – doing things that look like they would take a lot of battery life. Just be reasonable. Plan ahead. When you know you won’t charge your phone for hours, don’t go playing games. Resist. Don’t pass your phone around to your friends who say “Oohhh iPhone lemme play.” Don’t download music and apps. But don’t go to extremes like other sites (including Apple) would have you go. Don’t take the smart out of smart phone.

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