“I’ll Take One Of Everything:” App-onomics Made Simple

This image described by Apple, App Store, fun stuff, Iphone-discount Busted Loop wondered what it would cost to buy one of every single app in the App Store?  Well, 55,732 apps (as of July 6th) at an average cost of US$2.59 each (or US$3.34 if you factor out fourteen thousand freebies), comes to:


They also charted which software houses stood to earn the most.  Iceberg Reader, with 1206 apps, didn't have the highest quantity in the store (Brighthouse Labs has 400 more apps), but Iceberg's grand total of US$16,427.94 put them at the top of the chart — ten times Brighthouse's bottom line.

Wake up, Donald Trump — yer missing a (pun intended!) golden opportunity here…

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