Just Drive, It Said: Tom Tom GPS for iPhone Is On Its Way

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So you've got your shiny new iPhone, and are pleased as punch it has a built-in GPS function.  Time to pry that standalone navigator off your windshield and put in on eBay, right?

Wrong, says GPS manufacturer Tom Tom: your iPhone is only half of the solution.  That's why, back in June at the WWDC keynote address, they demonstrated a two-piece Tom Tom for iPhone solution consisting of an iPhone app and a hardware bracket.

You're probably saying "Okay, it's a holder with a suction cup for the windshield.  Why should I pay a premium for this?"  Because inside that bracket are things that the iPhone's own GPS functionality are missing, such as separate GPS hardware and improved audio, the better to hear the celebrity voice of your choosing warning you of that upcoming right turn.

As far as availability, TomTom CTO Peter-Frans Pauwels will only say ‚Äúlater this summer.‚Äù  Meanwhile, here's a video demonstration to whet your appetite.

[Via Macworld]

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