Nissan’s EV-11 Electric Car Offers iPhone Transmissions, Zero Emissions

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You've spent the last few years talking to your phone in your car — and now Nissan has a car that wants to talk to your phone, as well.

The Japanese car company — who have partnered with Renault in the race to bring a true zero-emission automobile to market — recently unveiled the latest prototype of their EV-11 electric car, which aims to be connected not just to the Information Superhighway, but to the power grid that will keep it running on physical highways, too.

The EV-IT system consists of an onboard transmitting unit connected through mobile networks to a global data center. Inside the passenger compartment, drivers can view a navigation map to determine how far they can travel on the car's current battery charge, as well as where to find the nearest recharging station.

EV-11 drivers who also own iPhones will be able to install an app that monitors the charging process, send alerts when the batteries are topped off (and also switch off the charger), check the car's interior temperature, even control the heat and/or AC.  The idea behind the latter features is this: check and modify the inside climate while the car's still plugged into the charger, rather than putting an additional strain on the freshly-charged batteries.

GM may have killed the electric car (with a little help from Detroit, Big Oil, and Dubya), but Nissan appears well on the way to bringing it back from the dead.

[Via Earth2Tech]

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