Same As It Ever Was: Study Shows Mobile Web Isn’t Cutting Edge

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Remember the bad old days of the Internet?  Netscape and USENET and web pages that barely had graphics, much less Javascript or Flash?

You should.  According to researchers at Nielsen Norman Group, everything that was bad about the World Wide Web, circa 1994, is what's bad about the mobile web today.   In a study scheduled for release next week, the group found that web-heads using handheld devices had only a 59% success rate in completing their online tasks, as opposed to 80% for regular computer users.

Jakob Nielsen, who co-authored the  study, stated ‚ÄúObserving users suffer during our  ‚Ķ sessions reminded us of the very
first usability studies we did with traditional websites in 1994. It
was that bad.”

Nielsen Norman identified poor cell service, small screens, and smaller keyboards as the biggest obstacles to better handheld online productivity

[Via USA Today's Technology Live]

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