Shattered Image: How Photo-Smashing iPhone App FINALLY Got Approved

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Remember the winter of 2008, when it seemed like every other new App Store release was some kind of fart simulator?  Razix does: in fact, the "gas-passing glut" inspired them to develop a slightly classier gag app.

The result was iCracked, a fun stress-reliever that lets you import a picture of whoever's getting up your nose at the moment, then "smash" the bejeezus out of it with assorted sound effects and broken-glass visuals.  Confident they had a (pardon the pun) smash hit on their hands, Razix submitted the app to iTunes…

…and watched as it languished in "review/rejection hell" for almost 7 months!  Turns out Apple doesn't like any app that simulates a hardware failure, and iSmash's cracked-screen sim put it into that category.  Finally, Razix's coders added a "picture frame" to enclose the broken glass — and the App Store said "Okay, so they're smashing a portrait, not an iPhone.  Yeah, that works."  (A decision, by the way, almost as random/meaningless as the shoes-in-the-frame that kept Snow Writer from being approved…)

[US$0.99 at the App Store]

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