Spotify Will Rule The App Store…If Apple Let’s It In First

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Spotify, an amazing online music service, has submitted an iPhone app to Apple for approval. The app, if allowed in, will hands down be the best music application available for the iPhone. The app is better than Pandora,, and even iTunes itself. Read on to see just what this app can do.

Spotify is like a (much) better version of Pandora. You can search for any specific song and listen to that exact song…none of this "radio station" business. Furthermore, you can create playlists and switch between songs as if you were using iTunes. Best of all, with the tap of a button, you can save a playlist for offline listening. It temporarily downloads the songs right to your iPhone (into the Spotify app, not into iPod) so you can listen even if you're in airplane mode. 

Check out this demo video:

The iPhone app, which is yet to be approved, will require a monthly subscription fee. The app itself will be free. Spotify currently has a Windows/Mac based version of their app, and it has already reached a huge level of popularity in Europe Р6 million users. There is a free version with ads, and a £9.99 per month pro version. In USA, however, Spotify is still off limits Рthe Swedish developers are trying to keep everything legit, so they're waiting for things to get figured out.

Check out Spotify at their site here.

But before we continue with all the excitement, it's time for a reality check. This app has been dubbed an "iTunes killer". Really people, what do you think the chances of Apple approving this application are? It competes with iTunes in a more direct than Pandora-type apps, and actually threatens Apple's bottom line. But there's always hope.

For those of you outside of the US, go enjoy Spotify now. 

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