Sprint To The Finish: Who REALLY Has The Best 3G Wireless Network

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So AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint all brag about having the best/fastest/most reliable 3G network.  They can't ALL be right, naturally. So who's network really is all that and a bag of chips?

Well, PC World spent the better part of March and April of this year figuring that out.  And if you haven't guessed what their conclusion is, take another look at the graphic above. 

Go ahead, we'll wait.

The results — which Sprint happily trumpeted in a press release on Yahoo Finance — named the "Now Network" (and adoptive parents, for the time being, of the Palm Pre) more reliable than the Death Star — and neck-and-neck with "Can You Hear Me Now Guy" — in 13 major US cities, and bested both for download speeds on the West Coast.

Add to this the near-unanimous huzzahs for the Pre, and some very attractive everything-included plans, and Sprint may no longer be a distant also-ran in the cell carrier wars.

[View the entire PC World test here]

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