Take The Phone To The Train

And the "augmented reality" apps just keep coming…

In addition to TwittaRound (see elsewhere in this fine bloggeroo), now comes an iPhone 3GS app to help you locate the nearest subway station.  However, since the app is called "Nearest Tube," it's rate of success kinda depends on how close you are to London town. 

Like TwittaRound, Nearest Tube uses the 3GS's video camera and GPS, adding its own directional apps to point you to the nearest station for the Underground's various train lines.  Unlike TwittaRound, though, Nearest Tube creators Across Air apparently got House of Jobs approval, and their pride and joy will be featured in the App Store "veddy shortly, old bean" — by their estimates, one of the first aug-reality apps to hold that distinction.

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