UK: Apple Can Say “Apps Only On The iPhone”

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When Apple advertised that their apps were available "only on the iPhone" in the United Kingdom, a number of TV viewers cried foul.  They complained to the UK's Advertising Standards Authority that Apple's ad neglected to mention that (a) many iPhone apps exist outside the App Store, and (b) plenty of apps already in the App Store weren't exclusive to Apple.

The House of Jobs, in turn, argued that (a) the App Store is unique, (b) at 50,000 apps and counting, it blew away its nearest competitor (Google) by 25-to-1, and (c) 88 countries had access to the Store.  (They did concede, however, that not every app was an iPhone exclusive…)  Therefore, said Apple, the tagline in question ("an app for everything, only on the iPhone") wasn't misleading.

The ASA agreed, and threw out the complaint.

Webster's Definition for Apps: App stand for Application.

And the moral of this story?  Say you need to sway the opinion of a British governing board.  Well, there's an app for that…

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