“Walk The Plank!” Apple Readies SMS Patch For iPhone

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(Pirate "patch."  Plank.  Geddit?)

Apple has uncovered a nasty bug in the iPhone's text messaging code, and is readying a patch to fix the problem even as we speak.

The bug, first uncovered by security researcher Charlie Miller, is actually a weakness in the iPhone's SMS protocols that could allow clever hackers to tap into the phone's GPS feature, turn on its microphone for eavesdropping, even use the phone as a botnet for spamming or denial-of-service attacks. 

Miller, who revealed and demonstrated the bug at a conference in Singapore, would not go into details as to the actual SMS flaw until Apple had patched it over.  He did, however, maintain that the iPhone is still more secure than even Macs running OS X due to its lack of Flash and/or Java support, as well as Apple's app verification program.

[Via the UK Telegraph]

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