What’s In Store? Not Apps, Sez Google

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The App Store is heading the way of the dodo, the dinosaurs, and John Dillinger.

Sez who?  Sez Google.  At the Mobilebeat conference in San Francisco, Google‚Äôs engineering vice president Vic Gundotra maintained that web-based apps that run on everything — rather than online stores selling proprietary software for specific phones — was the wave of the future.  Google, not coincidentally, is betting on web-based apps for its Android (and pending Chrome) OS.

“Many, many applications can be delivered through the browser and what
that does for our costs is stunning,” Gundotra was quoted in a Financial Times report.
“We believe the web has won and over the next several years, the
browser, for economic reasons almost, will become the platform that
matters and certainly that’s where Google is investing.”

Not so fast, retorted Interpret's technology strategist Michael Gartenberg, who pointed to Apple's App Store stats (65,000 apps, 100,000 developers, and a beellion downloads).  ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs odd that Google feels the need to position as one versus the other. That‚Äôs last century thinking…Ultimately, it‚Äôs about offering the best of both worlds to create the
best experience for consumers — not forcing them to choose one or the

[Via Wired]

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