Android’s $2 Million App Challenge: Get Your Submissions In NOW.

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Got a hot Android app in the works?  Submit it to the Android Developer Challenge, and you could win a chunk of US$2,000,000 (yeah, that's two MEEELION dollars) in price money.  The bad news: You have to submit your app by August 31.

Entries will be split into categories of Education/Reference, Games (Casual/Puzzle and Arcade/Action), Social Networking, Lifestyle, Productivity/Tools, Media, Entertainment, Travel, and Misc.  Android users will be able download, test, and vote on submissions.  Apps can win up to US$100,000 in individual categories, as well as up to US$150,000 in overall excellence.

So if your local convenience store is all out of Jolt Cola and Red Bull, there's an Android coder in your neighborhood burning the midnight oil this weekend.

[More details at the Android Developers Blog]

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