Apple Gives Junkware Author The Bum’s Rush, While Screaming “I DON’T LIKE SPAM!”

This image described by Apple, iPhone news, App Store, Perfect Acumen, spamware, Python-spam From the "Quantity Does Not Equal Quality" Department: Apple recently revoked the dev license for Perfect Acumen, pulling the company's 900 fritterware titles from the App Store.  The official reason was copyright infringement: PA's "Top Sexy Ladies: Audrina Patridge" app included unauthorized images of the HILLS star.

While it'd be nice to think this a reversal of the Store's recent assortment of head-scratcher approvals/rejections, it's a safer bet that Perfect Acumen simply Did The Wrong Thing too often, and for too long.  In other words: don't expect "Baby Shaker 2: Shake Harder" any time soon…

[Via MobileCrunch]

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