Bend me, Shape Me: The Gorillamobile Lets Your iPhone Hang Out Anywhere

This image described by iPhone, iPod, iPhone accessories, Joby, Gorillamobile, Gorillapod, Joby-gorillamobile You've probably seen Joby's Gorillapods at some point in your travels: they're those mini-tripods with the bendy legs that let you hang/anchor your camera just about anywhere.  Joby now offers an iPhone flavor, the Gorillamobile, with a variety of attaching options (suction cup, 1/4" camera screw, adhesive clip) which will work with a wide variety of phones, MP3 players, cameras, etc.  Desk stand, handlebar mount — heck, use your imagination and, er, "go ape."  (US$29.95, currently in pre-order status.)

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