Clone Wars: Microsoft Set To Port iPhone Apps to WinMo – Badly

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Microsoft — whose WinMobile phones are currently dead last in the "available apps" sweepstakes — have decided if you can't beat 'em, translate 'em.

Over on the Microsoft Developer Network, you can find a third-party case study detailing how the iPhone sound-amplification app Amplitude can be morphed into a WinMo-ready version.

Right now, there are two drawbacks to the process: 1) the resultant WinMo version looks like crap next to its App Store counterpart, and 2) the process itself is long and drawn-out.  What's needed is a gun-and-run, "express" process that could pop out WinMo apps as soon as an iPhone version is ready for prime-time, thus opening up another whole market for said app.

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