Coupons, No Clipping: iPhone App Company Banks On Push Technology

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Jon Krutchik is convinced the future of advertising is sitting in your pocket, or riding on your hip.

The South Florida entrepreneur and his company Cables Media are out to create custom iPhone apps for business clients that will take advantage of the iPhone's push technology.  The apps will not only show coupons, sales, product announcements and maps to the store, but can also send out time-sensitive coupons.  The customer would then bring their iPhone into the store and display a coupon code at checkout.

Corporate clients would pay Cables Media every time they send out a
coupon or sale alert, and the cost would depend on how many people
downloaded that application.

Krutchik — who claims a turnaround of one month for these custom apps — is bullish on iPhone coupon pushing.  "That's where the future of advertising is heading,. People keep their cellphones with them. I keep my iPhone with me at
all times. There's no other advertising delivery system that can make
that claim.''

[Via the Miami Herald]

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