Electricity Multiplicity: Bluelounge Charges Multiple Devices At Once

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It's not quite the "universal charger" solution the Europeans have been kicking around, but Bluelounge's Refresh is certainly a step in the right direction.  Right out of the box, the unit comes with six charging cables (2 iPhone/iPod, one each mini- and micro-USB, and two general-purpose USB sockets), with other connectors either available now (Samsung, Sony PSP) or due shortly (LG, Nokia, even the hard-to-third-party Pre plug!).  Cases come in white, black, or LEGALLY BLONDE pink.

At US$89.99, it's not cheap (although the Sanctuary, Refresh's twelve-connector big brother, is forty dollars more), but if your wall-wart population is getting out of control, it might be worth looking into.

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