I Can’t Get No (Non-iPhone) Satisfaction…

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When it comes to a cell phone popularity contest, Uncle Steve beats the Creepy Girl hands-down.

That's the conclusion of RBC Capital and ChangeWave Research, who recently interviewed 200 iPhone 3GS users — and 40 "Pre-verts" — about their respective handsets.

In the iPhone camp, 99% of those interviewed pronounced themselves satisfied, of which 82% were "very satisfied."  Meanwhile, Pre users rang in at 87% and 45%, respectively.

As a consolation prize, RBC's Mike Abramsky wrote "[T]hat's the highest
score ever recorded in our prior Palm satisfaction surveys and above
all other manufacturers except RIM (48%) and Apple (82%)."

We're guessing they couldn't find enough Android or WinMobile owners to generate statistically valid results…

[Via CNN Money's Brainstorm Tech]

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