iMario: Nintendo DS Emulator Now For Sale In iTunes

Whether by design or by accident, the App Store is now hosting its first Nintendo DS emulator.

Of course, that's not what developers "Zard" and "Ming" of  ZM2 Dev are saying.  All the ad copy coyly states is the DS DoubleSys "can turn your device to a 'Handheld Game Console'"!!  The US$4.99 app comes with two built-in games: "Pixel Mania"(a music game) and a "SECRET GAME," with future editions to support more games.  (Anybody else hear Eric Idle going "Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no MORE"?)

In fact, it so closely resembles a real DS that it wouldn't surprise us if Nintendo is sharpening their legal knives even as we speak…

[Available, for the time being, on iTunes]

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