iSmut: Is Apple Even TRYING To Screen These Apps?[NSFW]

This image described by Apple, iPhone news, App Store, iTunes, X-rated apps, Polls_no_porn_480_1132_776425_answer_1_medium In theory, iTunes will reject App Store submissions if they even hint at containing (or linking to) "inappropriate content."  (Ask Trent Reznor: he'll give you an earful, most of it heavily inappropriate!)

So why has the App Store recently begun adding clearly X-rated apps?

(LOUD WARNING: The remainder of this story has links that should be considered Not Safe For Work.  Or Church.  Or In The Presence Of Your Kids, In-Laws, Or Significant Other.)

In the last two months, a bunch of smutty apps have snuck onto iTunes, if but briefly.  Hottest Girls (originally a US$1.99 bikini/lingerie app) was first, bragging that "We uploaded nude topless pics today. This is the first app to have nudity."  Replied Apple, "DONNNNNNN'T think so," and removed it.  BeautyMeter was next, a free "am I hot or not?" social-network app with a 17+ rating — which didn't stop a reported 15-year-old girl from uploading a Full Monty self-portrait.  Out came the hook from stage right.

Just this week TheXchange (another "social networking"…er…"let's hook up and have sex" app) made it a hat trick: unveiled on Thursday, dead by Saturday.

It's astonishing that egregiously offensive apps like these (along with the likes of Baby Shaker) sneak through, while the simply juvenile (e.g. the Crudebox sound board) gets stopped at the gate until it gets a cosmetic makeover.

Somebody at iTunes is asleep at the wheel…

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