Mario Music: NESynth Puts Old-School Nintendo Tunesmithing On Your iPhone

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Are you (a) a budding Keith Emerson with (b) an iPhone and (c) US$1.99 burning a hole in your pocket?

Then Karn Evil 9 your way over to the iTunes Store and grab a copy of NESynth, which plops an old-school 8-bit synthesizer into an even older-school Nintendo Game system controller interface.  The app gives you three pulse and one sawtooth waveform, plus a white noise generator, as your audio sources, as well as an arpeggiator, accelerometer-based pitch-bend, thirteen sampling effects, and an optional piano-keyboard mode.  Better yet, you and a friend can play Mario World duets through peer-to-peer connectivity.

Here's a demo:

[Available from the App Store]

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