Most Popular Cameras In The Flickr Community: iPhone Beat Canon XTi But It Didn’t Last

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Turns out one of the most popular cameras amongst Flickr users isn’t a full-time camera at all.

According to their Camera Finder page, the iPhone gradually matched (and briefly beat) Canon’s EOS Digital Rebel XTi as the source of the majority of photos uploaded to the picture-sharing site over the last year.  The iPhone and the XTi were far ahead of the rest of the Top 5, which included two more Canon DSLR’s (the 40D and the DigiReb XSi) and Nikon’s D80.

In other categories, Canon cameras swept the top spots in the point-and-shoot category, while the iPhone slammed its Blackberry, Nokia, and Sony Ericcson competitors in a “pure” cellphone face-off.

Now, Flickr did post this info with a few caveats: the graphs are “normalized” (i.e. they automatically correct for the fact that more people join Flickr each day) and are only accurate to the extent that they can automatically detect the camera used (about 2/3rds of the time). Most cameraphones lack this feature, and are therefore under-represented.

Still, it says volumes about the iPhone’s ease in picture-taking and -uploading that it can stand up to the “big boys” of photography — in sheer quantity, if nothing else.

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