Short Cables Got/No Reason (doo de doo…)

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Welcome to "Useless Hardware Day" here at the ol' iSmashPhone bloggeroo.  Elsewhere, you can find what we thought about the wear-your-handset-on-your-leg Thighphone strap (i.e. not much).  Can anybody top that?

iStubz would certainly like to try.  They're now offering iPhone/iPod cables in extra-compact lengths.  Like, oh, under three inches.  There's also a just-a-smidge-under-nine-inch flavor, if you're Trent Reznor.  (Nine Inch.  Nails.  That's a…I SAY, THAT'S A JOKE, SON!  JOKE, THAT IS!)

Unless you absolutely, positively, cannot abide by your full-length sync cable, it does make you wonder which side of the rainbow we're working tonight

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