Simplify Photo Lets Your iPhone Remotely Access Your PC’s Pictures

Simplify Photo for the iPhone does for pictures what their Music app does for your MP3's: lets you view them from your computer, remotely, via your iPhone.  In essence, Simplify's software turns your PC into a secure media server with access permissions you control, and frees your iPhone's hard drive from storing/updating a subset of your image library.

Start by downloading and installing the free server-side software, then set up an account with Simplify.  Next, shell out US$0.99 (special introductory price!) for the iPhone app.  Once the app is running, it will locate the computer (or computers!) running the hosting software, and let you select which images/directories on which computer(s)  you want to access.  You can also give viewing rights to friends running the iPhone app, and they to you.  And if you really want a handheld copy of a picture file, you can add it to your Camera Roll, wirelessly.

A very neat bit of connectivity, if we do say so ourselves…

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