(Stuffed) Shirts Vs. Skins: Lawyers Nix Pre Theme On Android

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Hey, kids, wanna make your G1 look like a Palm Pre?  Sounds like fun, right? 

Not to the legal eagles at Palm, who recently served a cease 'n' desist on the Android team for offering such a theme, citing the usual graphics copyrights and trademark infringement.  (Interestingly, Palm itself admits that imitation is the sincerest etc., but still has to protect its intellectual property.)

While a similar lookalike theme for the iPhone was also "officially" quashed, the theme's creator suggested that it could still be found through alternate channels.  How about it, open-source hackers?

In happier news, the creepy girl from the Palm Pre ads has not been ported to any other platform.  Yet.

[Via Engadget]

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