Text Pistol: iPhone Texting App Boon For Text-Crazy Kids

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A new company called Gogii may have the solution for households where text-messaging cost overruns are spiraling out of control.

TextPlus is a free iPhone application that offers unlimited free text messaging from iPhones or iPod Touches.  Basically, Gogii picks up AT&T's tab for any text messaging done through TextPlus, in exchange for showing ads to its users.  (iPod users send their texts over the Web, and Gogii converts them and delivers them to the recipients.)

Right now, Gogii is not making any money from the app; their ad revenue hasn't begun to offset the cost of subsidizing AT&T text charges.  But Gogii‚Äôs chief executive Scott Lahman is cautiously optimistic: ‚ÄúAdvertisers have lately been scratching their heads about how to reach
teens.  Text is the way they want to be reached.‚Äù

[Via the New York Times]

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