The Long Awaited TomTom Navigation App and Car Mount Kit Will Allegedly Cost $200

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UPDATE: TomTom has released a statement denying the price leaked by HandTec. "Handtec is not an official TomTom distributor. Moreover, TomTom has not yet made pricing information publically available," said a TomTom spokesperson. In other words, HandTec pulled the price out of their imaginations.

At the most recent WWDC during which iPhone 3.0 was announced, TomTom came out and gave an extremely impressive presentation about their upcoming application. The application, as you might've guessed since it's made by TomTom, is a turn-by-turn navigation app, which transforms your iPhone into an in-car navi. The developers promised that the app would be available later in the summer. Well folks, it's August, and we've finally gotten some information about the app's and mount's prices. Bottom line – it ain't pretty.

According to HandTec, a British electronics shopping website, the combination of app and mount will run ¬£113.85, equivalent to almost $200. For the whopping price, you'll be able to get the app itself and the car accessory, which is equipped with a GPS booster, speakers, in-car charger, window mount, and hands-free rig. Keep in mind that for $200, you can just buy a TomTom navigation system from Best Buy or something. Let's hope that HandTec is providing is with some inaccurate information, but from the looks of it, the price may very well be this high.

Check out this video for a sample of the TomTom iPhone application:


While TomTom may indeed make the best turn-by-turn iPhone app, the price will certainly cause users to go with alternatives like Navigon or Waze. Would you drop this kind of money for a TomTom iPhone app? Let us know in the comments.

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